About us

Car Easy Apps is a consortium started by an OEM (PSA) and an automotive telematics provider (CONTI) with small and medium IT companies (IMATIA, ALTIA) and researchers (CTAG and GRADIANT) to look for a standard way to introduce the car as another object in the internet of things, preserving security and safety concerns.

Car Easy Apps wants to create an institutional move in order to motivate other actors in the “connected objects” eco-system to participate and contribute to the project objective. An easy way to understand what the purpose is, why we think it is needed and how it will be done.



We provide a subset of tools to create fast and easily mobile apps connected to your car. If you are interested in testing these tools, click in the contact section.


We provide you a car simulator in order to to test your app in a driving situation. You will have the opportunity to modify the car navigation options, read and write the different car data manually or sequentially by playing a Road Environment file and even define basic HMI interactions with the driver.


A complete documentation is available including: the howtos for the environment setup, code examples, guidelines, FAQs, etc.


The library needed to develop your application interacting with the car simulator. The SDK is based on Cordova, so your development will done using web technologies (HTML5/Javascript /CSS3)


More than 100 different signals are available and structured in different categories: media, navigation, engine, driving, etc

Use cases

Key Plus, Tongji – China

Key+ makes it more effective for drivers to take advantages of the car functionalities and enable much more possibilities.

For beginners, Key+ enables an easier way to enjoy driving : with one tap on the phone, the app will set up your car to the best status for you automatically.

Three sections are available: automatic configuration, realtime web status and gamification.

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Kitt, HoodBrains – France

Main purpose of Kitt is to share realtime traffic and road info. It gathers accurate and reliable data passively, without any user interaction, and it gives them back to community for realtime information : incidents (flat tires, slippery roads with esc infos, accidents with airbags ….. ), accurate weather conditions (fog lights, wipe speed ...), pollution conditions : “Should I close windows in tunnel ?” (engine sensors), slow vehicles, traffic jam …

WeatherWay, Sixtema – Spain

WheatherWay turns vehicles into rolling weather stations and, in a stage where millions of cars make use of this application, there will be a wide coverage of the weather. This allows not only specific uses like knowing what does the weather like at the moment in a particular place but also having a system to validate weather prediction models based on real readings, which is something highly appreciated by companies and organizations in charge of developing weather forecasts.



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