Trophy of Connected Objects

Car Easy Apps has received the Trophée des Objects Connectés (Trophy of Connected Objects) in the category of Transport et Mobilité - meilleure aide à la navigation (Transport and Mobility - best navigation aids) for its innovation.

Created by CCM Benchmark and NPA Conseil, this award recognizes the achievements based on their innovative nature, their use value and their potential for economic development and these 4 categories: Wellness & Health, Transport and Mobility, Connected house, personal objects and carried. With over 260 candidatures, the first edition of Trophée des Objects Connectés in 2014 was looking for the enthusiasm of professionals and the public for these objects.

Car Easy Apps, designed in a partnership formed by PSA Peugeot Citroën, Continental, Altia, Imatia, CTAG and Gradient, is a software platform to create a secure ecosystem of applications connected to the vehicle. It provides to users continuity of smartphone usage in the vehicle and outside as well as new applications and services.

More information in Trophée des Objects Connectés web site:


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